Winton’s Drift Cadet calling

As part of this weekend’s penultimate round of the Shannons Nationals at Winton, drifting school ‘Drift Cadet’ will host a class and demonstrations for spectators and competitors at the event.  

The Nationals caught up with Peter Pham from the drift programme to learn more about how competitors and spectators can get involved with the drifting and hot laps on Sunday. 

What is Drift Cadet? 

We are a Melbourne-based drift school and drift demonstration team, created to grow the sport of drifting by giving the general public a chance to try it out without the big financial costs involved of owning and maintaining a drift car.  

Drivers who are serious about getting into drifting car fast-track their learning by going through our course. Because the cars are set up and we have pro drifters as instructors, we can give you tips to improve your driving quickly.  

Personally, it took me years to learn the basics because my car wasn’t set up properly and I had to learn by trial and error. With the program providing drift demonstrations and hot laps at other events, it grows the awareness of drifting and how it’s done properly. 

Drifting isn’t burnouts or corner-exit power-sliding. 

How can people get involved? 

We currently have two programmes running at Winton. 

Drift School – $599 

This is catered for people who don’t own a RWD car and want to try drifting. We supply everything required for the course, including a drift car, an instructor, tyres, licence and also refreshments. 

Drift Practice – $249

This is for people who own a RWD car and want to give drifting a go or have practice, who’d like to develop their car control skills. 

What can circuit racers expect when they drive a drift car? 

One of the biggest misconceptions is that drift cars don’t like grip in the rear or dislike a wet track. National and international level drift cars compete on semi-slick competition tyres, so a circuit racer would definitely notice that. 

Circuit racers would also notice that you steer the car with the accelerator and that there is minimal steering work. 

We encourage the drivers and general pubic to come on over on Sunday to say hi and experience drifting for themselves.  

The Shannons Nationals will run at Winton on 1-2 September, with free entry for all spectators.