Radical revamp for 2019 and beyond

The Radical Australia Cup (RAC) will celebrate its 11th season in 2019 with a new look as they extend their season to a nine-event season.

While the iconic Radical SR3 will continue to be featured as it has done for the past 10 years, the category will push to accommodate non-compliant engines and receive more significant technical support from Radical UK.

With one season under his belt as category manager, Karl Reindler will now look to enhance the competition further in the 11th year and beyond.

“Our focus is very much around taking Radical Australia Cup to the next level,” Reindler said.

“It has enjoyed great success over the last ten years, but like any form of the sport in the modern era, you have to move with the market, and over the last six months we’ve been very careful to work with and listen to our customers to determine our next step.”

The growth in Radical UK’s support of the RAC will see more equipment stay up to date with international regulations and assistance for CAMS and the RAC with technical roles through a greater import of both product and manpower.

“We need to find a way to ensure that as many of the 50 cars that are currently in Australia, are out on track competing,” Reindler explained.

“Part of that is ensuring we work with teams that have Radicals with engines that aren’t compliant with Cup rules.

“The calendar is also an important part of the program and we expect to see events at Bathurst, Phillip Island, Sydney Motorsport Park and The Bend as a minimum.

“A six round Cup season will also be scheduled and there will be an additional jewel at the tail end of the season to add to that.”

A special three-race race known as the ‘Triple Crown’ will be contested towards the end of the season with a prize to compete in the Radical Masters Series in Europe.

However for Reindler, while the Crown is an attractive proposition for potential competitors, it’s not the only appealing aspect for the series.

“After ten years you need to reassess and look into the future. The Series has had a terrific run to date, but it needs to reinvent itself and start to move forward again.” Reindler added.

“I still maintain that as a driver’s car, these things are fantastic, and Radical have proven time and time again, that bang for buck, it is one of the best categories in the world.

“They’re also identical all over the world, so the beautiful thing is, you can jump on a plane to the States or to Europe, jump behind the wheel of an SR3 there and the performance will be the same.”

The Radical Australia Cup returns to the Shannons Nationals for the final round of the 2018 season on 21 – 23 September at Sydney Motorsport Park.

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