Radical gig for Reindler

Former Supercars regular Karl Reindler has been announced as the new Motorsport Series Manager for the 2018 Radical Australia Cup.

Reindler enters the role after serving as the Driving Standards Observer (DSO) and Driver Coach at Radical Australia.

The appointment is made with the aim to revive the category’s future after internal changes at Radical UK and Australian distributors, RA Motorsports.

“There have been some dynamic changes to rules and regulations at Radical UK, something which has been mirrored by Radical Australia Cup with the full-support,” Reindler said.

“It saw the consolidation of the various regional championships to bring them more closely into line with others around the world.

“Those changes have been taken on board in Australia, with RA Motorsports’ management taking a backward step from running the Cup after more than ten years pushing the category.

“That will allow for myself, Radical Event Manager Tahlia Neilson and Technical Officer Eden Simonini to initiate some new ideas for the Radical Australia Cup across the coming seasons.”

The 32-year old has extensive experience in racing as a former Australian Formula 3 champion and representing Australia in A1GP, as well as his time in Supercars.

In recent times, Reindler has juggled Supercars endurance drives alongside working at CAMS and its Formula 4 Championship as DSO.

Reindler then moved into a support role at Supercars before joining CAMS as a Driver Development Manager, working with young talent in Formula 4.

The Western Australian has been involved heavily in promoting Radical Australia, supporting the platform’s ability to help drivers gain competitive experience.

“I think you’d be hard pressed to find a better category to get into motor sport at a professional level,” Reindler added.

“It’s an ideal platform to learn the basics, but further to that, with a global footprint, Radical provides its drivers with opportunities all over the world.”

The next round of the 2018 Radical Australia Cup will take place at the historic first ever event at The Bend Motorsport Park as part of the Shannons Nationals on 13-15 April.