Paddon to step up game in 2020

Peter Paddon will compete in the full Australian Prototype Series (APS) season in 2020, with the Radical Australia Cup (RAC) veteran recently confirming his place in the series.

Paddon is no stranger to the series, having competed in multiple rounds over the past few years as a way to gain more seat time and prepare for the RAC.

However the three-time RAC series winner is looking for a change of pace this year as he intends to compete in every round of the APS for the first time in his decorated career.

After taking a step back in 2019 to focus on family and only compete in select rounds, the New South Welshman revealed there was few factors behind his decision to return to the APS.

“I am really excited to race in the series because there are a couple of things I really like about it,” Paddon said.

“Having done a couple of APS rounds in the past, there have been times where the racing has been good and times where it’s been a bit lonesome, however I’ve had a few good battles recently against the likes of Carmelo Bonaventura, so I am looking forward to being there for a full year.

“There is a big overlap with the RAC this year too and I really like the ability to do it as a dual round. Six practice sessions, two qualifying sessions and five races in a weekend – It’s a great weekend of motorsport.

“It’s also cost-effective racing and I have a new Radical now so I’m keen to put some kilometres into it and figure out what it can do relatively quickly.”

Entering the series with the brand new Radical RSX and fully refreshed after his year on the sidelines, Paddon will definitely be one to look out for during the year.

Having a wealth of experience on all the tracks on the APS calendar, the 32-year-old would be forgiven for believing he could be in title contention, however he remains modest about his genuine chances– with the main objective to just enjoy the year and win the series’ Radical class.

“What I like about the APS is that there’s a series within the series with the Radicals. I know the Wolfs are going to disappear in the distance, but I should get some good battles in the midfield,” Paddon explained.

“Every race I enter, I want to do as well as I possibly can. If there is a chance to get out in front then that is what I will do. I won’t be letting people through because I am not racing them. I will be pressing hard but it’s about the class win at the end of the day.

“On the racetrack, it’ll be business as usual but there is so much more to going racing than just the action on the track, which is what I am looking forward to.

“That camaraderie around the pits and telling each other lies at dinner the night before – all that sort of thing should be great as well. I may still be the new guy but I am looking forward to getting to know the guys better and enjoying a full season.”

The Australian Prototype Series’ first round of the year takes place as part of the Production Car Nationals at Sydney Motorsport Park on 6-8 March.