Haber happy with ARG virtual cup

The carsales ARG eSport Cup held another entertaining round of its virtual series, with two different drivers sharing the honours during two races at the historic Watkins Glen circuit.

With 43 drivers making up the star studded field, it was British Touring Car driver Ash Sutton and Australian teenager Harley Haber who each enjoyed a victory, with Haber claiming top spot in the opening race.

Out of the two drivers, Sutton got the better start from pole position, however Haber ultimately won the first race after edging the former British Touring Car champion by less than a second.

Sutton got his revenge on Haber in the second race thanks to a solid race strategy, which saw him take his compulsory pitstop later than everyone else. The round’s result also saw Sutton leapfrog series leader Dylan O’Keefe on the outright standings, where he now has a 23 point buffer over Trans Am driver Nathan Herne.

Despite Haber falling short to Sutton in the second race, the Kumho V8 Touring Car racer now sits third on the overall standings and ended the night just two points behind Herne.

With the competition having completed the first three rounds, Haber was thrilled to be part of the series and was excited for the remaining seven rounds.

“I am really happy to be part of the series because I am racing against guys like Thomas Randle, James Golding and Ash himself,” Haber said.

“There are so many big names in motorsport and I am racing against them in the comfort of my own home.

“As motorsport fans, any type of motorsport is good and I think it’s great how we are replicating it virtually to quite a professional extent, as well as filling a void of entertainment for fans and drivers.

“Although it’s not real, it’s still very accurate and close to real life. To have so many professional drivers also jumping behind the cause and racing at different tracks around the world is fantastic.

“It’s just so cool to be part of this series. Motorsport, unlike other sports, is in a very fortunate position where we can do this sort of thing and keep our fans entertained and sponsors happy.”

The carsales ARG eSport Cup will announce details for the fourth round in the coming days.