Generous offer sees leader swap cars

Current Australian Prototype Series leader Philip Hughes has been forced to change cars, after engine issues halted his progress in yesterday’s practice at Queensland Raceway.

Hughes will trade-in his Radical SR3 for a West WX1000 race car, kindly donated to him by fellow competitor Graeme Cook.

“[I] had a brilliant couple of practice sessions in the Radical. Really enjoyed the track, way more than I thought I would,” Hughes said on his Facebook page.

“After the red flag I went out to go for a real lap time and coming out of Turn 3 at full throttle but only [at] mid RPM, the engine let go.

“Number one cylinder has had a hernia, something horrible, not sure what yet … so I came in for diagnosis but it’s terminal, the car is dead and there’s no spare engines around.”

Fortunately for Hughes he was able to source an additional ride, after Cook elected to withdraw from the event due to illness.

“I’ve been absolutely humbled and privileged to be offered Graeme Cook’s orange West as a substitute,” Hughes said.

“Graeme did a lap or two in practice and didn’t feel well, so [he] decided to pull out.

“So, please cheer me on in car #65, it’s McLaren Orange. Beautifully clean car has been laid up for three years … I’m going to give it a red hot go and do what I can.”

The Australian Prototype Series will have qualifying and their opening race for the round today.