Friday Wrap Up: Sydney Motorsport Park

The Shannons Nationals 2019 season kicked off in fine form today with six categories taking to Sydney Motorsport Park to complete their practice sessions.

Here’s a speedy recap:

carsales TCR Australia Series

Michael Almond’s (SA) Hyundai i30N just could not be topped during TCR’s first ever practice session today. All eyes were on the highly anticipated category as the 17 drivers gave a glimpse into what to expect over the weekend. Almond posted the fastest time in both practice sessions with his best being 1:34.63. Dylan O’Keefe (VIC) was not far behind in the Alfa Romeo Giulietta with 1:34.78. Third quickest was John Martin (NSW) in the Hyundai Civic Type R with 1:35.26.

Porsche Michelin GT3 Cup Challenge

It was one practice session and then into qualifying for the Porsche GT3 Cup. There was less than a one second gap between the top six drivers in both sessions, indicating there should be some very close racing tomorrow. Max Vidau (SA) took top spot in qualifying, while Ryan Suhle (QLD) and Cameron Crick (ACT) will start second and third respectively.

CAMS PAYCE Australian Formula 4 Championship

Victorian Luis Leeds set a time that his fellow competitors couldn’t beat in the first session with 1:31.03.  Some got close though, with Antonio Astuti (VIC) posting 1:31.57 and Lachie Hughes (QLD) just a fraction of a second behind with 1:31.58.

Australian Prototype Series

Mark Short (SA) was the fastest of the Prototypes across both practice sessions with his fastest lap being 1:27.68. David Barram (QLD) came close to closing the gap between himself and Short with 1:27.71.  Third fastest Prototype driver of the day was John-Paul Drake who posted 1:28.04.

Radical Australia Cup

It was home turf advantage in the Radicals with the top three times secured by New South Welshmen. Christopher Perini established himself as the fastest of the day and was the only driver to crack the sub 1.30 mark with a 1:29.84. Oliver Smith set the next fastest time posting a 1:31.21 during the first practice session. Peter Paddon wasn’t far behind with 1:31.43.

Alfa Romeo Challenge

Daniel Gatto from New South Wales set the benchmark for the Alfas in both practice sessions. His fastest of the day being 1:48.29, which he set in the category’s first outing. Michael Aarons (VIC) was the second fastest with a best of 1:50.93 and Darren Harris (NSW) was a little over two seconds behind with a 1:52.93.




The Shannons Nationals action continues at Sydney Motorsport Park tomorrow, with live streaming from 10am AEST.

Saturday 18 May

8:30–8:50am: Prototype Series – Qualifying
9:00–9:20am: Alfa Romeo Challenge – Qualifying
9:30–10:00am: Radical Australia Cup – Qualifying
10:10–10:30am: Formula 4 – Qualifying
10:40–10:50am: S5000 Demonstration
10:55–11:25am: TCR Australia – Qualifying
11:35–11:55am: Porsche GT3 Cup – Race 1
12:05–12:25pm: Alfa Romeo Challenge – Race 1
12:35–1:10pm: Prototype Series – Race 1
1:20–1:40pm: Formula 4 – Race 1
2:15–2:45pm: TCR Australia – Race 1
3:10–3:30pm: Porsche GT3 Cup – Race 2
3:40–4:30pm: Radical Australia Cup – Race 1