Champions chat: Jason Makris

The Shannons Nationals caught up with this year’s Australian Prototype Series winner Jason Makris, who won the title at Phillip Island in November. 

SN: How did it feel to win the Australian Prototype Series for the first time?

JM: To win the Australian Prototype Series was a four-year quest so I think it was a bit of a relief at the end.

You put a lot of time and energy into competing on a national level and you have got to make sure you are not only prepared as a driver but you have the car that can get through the whole season without having any complications.

So we managed through that and got the win, so yeah that felt great. And after, I think the whole group felt great like that was a very successful year for APS and everyone is looking forward to 2019.

SN: 2018 was a big season for you, what was your favourite on-track moment from this year? 

JM: My battles with my teammate John-Paul Drake at Sandown and the first race at Phillip Island were probably the two highlights.

I think JP is an excellent driver and has become more developed. I think now that he dropped off a couple of extra races at Phillip island, he will be relentless next year and I think he really wants the title now so.

SN: What was your worst moment from this season?

JM: I would have to say the round at Sydney Motorsport Park because of a few electronical gremlins in the car saw me have complications with my ignition switch. Because of this, my car kept turning off mid-way throughout each race and I was forced to nurse the car on the track just to collect points. It really wasn’t fun.

SN: Is there anyone you’d like to thank from this year’s racing season? 

JM: I would like to thank firstly my team, JAM Motorsport, my crew in Alexander Wilkson, James Wislow and Harrison James – these guys are the best in the business.

Obviously my family as well, especially my wife, because they let me go away on the weekends to compete and they also come along to support, which made it even better.

SN: Do you know what your racing plans will be heading into 2019?

JM: Still not confirmed, thinking about either defending the championship or something else not quite sure.